As a leader in patient care, teaching, and research, The Ohio State University Pharmacy Residency Programs have over 75 years of combined experience in training residents. Completing a residency at The Ohio State University will place you among the hundreds of alumni who have obtained the knowledge and skills to practice and lead our profession both now and in the future.


  • Featured Alumni

    Burgess B. Freeman III

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    Burgess B. Freeman III

    • Type of Residency Training Completed at OSU:
      Pharmacy Practice (PGY1)
    • Current Position:
      Director, Preclinical Pharmacokinetic Shared Resource, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (SJCRH), Memphis, TN
    • Year of Residency Completion: 2003

    “Why” was completing a residency at Ohio State beneficial to your career?”

    I would say my time at OSUMC was an accelerated, intense introduction to the world of clinical pharmacy and the academic biomedical apparatus. I learned about appropriate and pragmatic application of pharmacotherapy across diverse practice areas; this has benefitted my career in the field of drug discovery and development. I also learned “soft skills,” like how to effectively interact with colleagues of a varying nature and to be part of a team (“Code Blues” come to mind). The pharmacy administration rotations exposed me to basic tenants I’ve built upon through my career, and often use in my responsibilities as a core laboratory director. Finally, the relationships I formed with preceptors and fellow residents endure to this day. I am grateful to have had my experiences at OSUMC, and to call myself an alum of the program.

    Any particular career accomplishments you would like to highlight? Publications, Awards, Grant Funding, etc?

    I was recently an integral part of a team responsible for moving SJCRH’s first ever novel small molecule investigational new drug toward the clinic. The antimalarial SJ733 is slated for a single ascending dose Phase I study in healthy subjects in early 2016.

    I was a co-author on several recent manuscripts in Cancer Cell and Cell Reports, both of which are high-impact journals in the field of oncology research.

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  • Featured Residents

    Kelsey Schmuhl

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    Kelsey Schmuhl

    Practice-Based Academic Fellowship with an Emphasis in Behavioral Health and Addiction

    • Practice-Based Academic Fellowship with an Emphasis in Behavioral Health and Addiction
      The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy
      Nationwide Children's Hospital
    • PGY1 Community Care Residency
      The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy

    “Why did I choose to complete a residency?”

    As a community pharmacist, I believe we have a crucial role to play in the lives of patients.  We are often the most accessible members of the healthcare team and serve as an important liaison between patients, primary care providers, hospitals, and home.  I chose to pursue a residency in community care because I want to advance the practice of community pharmacy and develop the skills to create innovative pharmacy services. Additionally, I am interested in sharing my knowledge and experience with future pharmacists through teaching and serving as a preceptor.

    “Why Ohio State?”

    I have been a Buckeye for eight years. The connections I have made with faculty, pharmacists and students around Columbus and Ohio State have been invaluable to me. As a result, I knew Ohio State would provide me with the mentorship and clinical growth that I was looking for in a residency program. In the future, I know I will have the backing of a strong Ohio State alumni network that will support me and help me advance my career as a pharmacist.

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  • Featured Preceptor

    Cathy Kuhn

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    Cathy Kuhn

    Name: Cathy Kuhn, PharmD

    Type of Residency or Extended Training Completed:
    ASHP-APhA Accredited Pharmacy Practice Residency With Emphasis in Community Care

    Current Position: Regional Clinical Coordinator

    “Why do you enjoy precepting pharmacy residents?”

    I find precepting pharmacy residents to be a rewarding way to give back to the profession of pharmacy. As previous preceptors have done for me, precepting allows me to work side-by-side with the resident to promote their growth and learning.  Being a resident/new practitioner is a challenging time as you work to leave your footprints in the pharmacy world, but preceptors are there to help.  I enjoy being able to mentor residents and share my knowledge, skills, and experiences. Furthermore, I am challenged by residents professionally so that I can stay on top of my pharmacy game!

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is a diverse and vibrant community. The city strikes a unique balance of big city arts & entertainment and the warmth & sensibilities of the midwest. Learn more about life outside of our residency program here.

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