Community Care

Residency Program Director
  • Jennifer Seifert, MS, RPh

    • PGY1 Community Care Residency Program Director
    • Clinical Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Administration at The Ohio State University

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Previous Year Residents
  • Kay Bahrey

    PGY2 Ambulatory Care/Education Program, Roudebush VA Medical Center, Indianapolis
  • Kelsey Schmuhl

    Practice-Based Academic Fellowship with an Emphasis in Behavioral Health and Addiction
  • Laura Rowley

    Pharmacist at O'Reilly Family Pharmacy and Essentra Pharmacy, OH
  • Deanna Ruble

    Community/Ambulatory Care
  • Lindsay Tsai

    Pharmacist, Kroger
  • Monica Johnson

    Pharmacist, West 7th Pharmacy, Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Lisa Jacob

    Pharmacy Manager, Faith Community Pharmacy
  • Nicholas Newman

    Pharmacy Manager, Essentra Pharmacy
  • Gina Pagano

    Pharmacist, Kroger
  • Kristine Mason-MSY2

    Health-System Pharmacy Administration Community Resident

About the PGY1 Community Care


The purpose of The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy PGY1 Community Care Residency Program is to provide the resident with experience and confidence to:

  • Be change agents who can develop, implement, and deliver patient care
  • Pursue practice, leadership, and academic positions in community care settings

This PGY1 program will foster the development of knowledge, skills and abilities needed to pursue direct patient care and to educate current and future practitioners in community care settings. This multi-site program consists of three primary sites in community practice: one site in a leading pharmacy, one in an innovative, patient-centered grocery store chain, and one in a charitable pharmacy caring for the underserved.

Charitable 2Residency Sites

Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio
The Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio (CPCO) opened in 2010. CPCO is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit pharmacy providing pharmacy services to underserved patients in Franklin County, Ohio. CPCO serves patients at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level who have no insurance, no prescription coverage, or who are unable to afford copayments. Since 2010, CPCO has qualified more than 5,100 patients and dispensed more than 295,000 prescriptions, worth more than $24 million.

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CPCO staff includes three pharmacists, two pharmacy residents, two and one-half pharmacy technicians, one pharmacy intern, two patient service coordinators and one hospitality aide. More than 250 fourth-year pharmacy students on advanced practice rotations have had one-month rotations through the pharmacy providing direct patient care. Clinical and hospitality volunteers are also integral to the success of CPCO.  A shared faculty with Ohio State also collaborates on CPCO’s clinical services, development and scholarship, and provides direct patient care.

CPCO’s mission is to provide medications and disease state education at no cost and to coordinate access to health care for indigent patients. CPCO goals are to decrease the amount of people going without necessary prescription medications, reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, and provide educational support for patients to learn about health and wellness. In addition to providing medication at no cost to patients, CPCO also provides extensive pharmacy services including medication therapy management, disease state education, blood glucose monitoring education (including testing supplies), and smoking cessation education and aides. Patients meet in a private consultation area with a pharmacist or fourth year pharmacy student each time they visit the pharmacy to address any health and medication concerns.

CPCO is funded by both private and public entities. All four major health systems in central Ohio, the city of Columbus, Franklin County, and many organizations and individuals sponsor the activities at CPCO. The pharmacy acquires medications through various methods including its drug repository program, bulk replenishment programs with pharmaceutical companies, and the purchase of primarily generic medications.  A contracted director of development works with the pharmacy staff to continue to seek funding for growth.

The PGY1 community care resident participates in all aspects of clinical services at CPCO. In addition to teaching and research opportunities coordinated through the university, residents perform medication therapy management, assist in precepting four APPE pharmacy students each month, and strive to provide continuity of care for patients as they navigate the health system through free clinics and federally qualified health care centers. CPCO offers an abundance of research opportunities for the year-long research project. All team members also seek to increase community awareness about CPCO services to ultimately expand and improve care for our patients.

Primary Preceptor – Jennifer Seifert, RPh

Kroger 1

Kroger Patient Care System

The Kroger Patient Care System serves as the leader of clinical service development and oversight for Kroger’s Columbus division with stores in Ohio, Michigan and West Virginia. The Patient Care System is pharmacist managed, with a mission to improve patient care and advance community pharmacy practice. For more than ten years, the Patient Care System has strived to incorporate advanced patient care services into our 121 community pharmacies.

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Kroger pharmacists care for a diverse population of patients across the communities they serve.  Services provided include medication therapy management, immunizations, wellness screenings, health and disease state management and other patient education programs. The resident at Kroger will become a leader in development, management, and advancement of clinical services.  Skills will be developed in marketing, business management, healthcare professional training, community outreach, and collaboration with Kroger’s upper management in addition to patient care, teaching, and research.  Kroger has been recognized for innovation in pharmacy practice, excellence in experiential education and precepting, dedication to providing superior customer service, and community involvement.

Primary Preceptor – Tara Green, PharmD

DSC_9166Uptown Pharmacy

Uptown Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy located approximately 20 minutes from The Ohio State University campus in Westerville, Ohio. Uptown Pharmacy has been serving Westerville for more than 100 years, which has allowed the staff to become a trusted part of the community in both the eyes of patients and other healthcare providers.

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The pharmacy’s mission is to provide patients with personal healthcare by learning patients’ names, helping them understand their medications, and having pharmacists accessible to answer questions or make recommendations. Being able to provide that traditional “hometown pharmacy” atmosphere, while supplying the most advanced products, services and information available has been a source of pride. Uptown Pharmacy has been active in providing pharmacist driven patient care services to a wide variety of patient populations

Uptown Pharmacy was the first pharmacy in Ohio to provide immunizations, and has been very involved with the Ohio Pharmacists Association and its legislators to advance the immunizations pharmacists are able to provide in Ohio. It was also one of the original pharmacies involved in the APhA Foundation Project Impact:Hyperlipidemia.

Our pharmacists have been at the forefront, as community pharmacy has changed to meet the demands of the future. Today, as a result, Uptown offers blood pressure screenings, cholesterol screenings, anticoagulation management, adult immunizations, comprehensive medication therapy management consultations (MTM’s), disease-state education, custom prescription compounding and flavoring, medical device training and hormone replacement therapy management. The pharmacy serves as a rotation site for 4th year pharmacy students from The Ohio State University, Ohio Northern University, and the University of Cincinnati.

Residents are a part of our pharmacy care team and therefore responsible for involvement in all pharmacy care activities as well as prescription dispensing. Residents also develop skills in business administration, practice management, marketing and student precepting. In addition, residents have the opportunity to participate in ongoing projects and assist with the development of new clinical services within the pharmacy and Westerville community.

Primary Preceptor – Cara Hoyt, PharmD

Key Rotations/Experiences

The residency focuses primarily on direct patient care and practice management. The resident will also deliver didactic lectures at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy and has the opportunity to earn a formal teaching certificate. The resident will be expected to complete and publish at least one major research project. The program is intended to be flexible and can be modified depending on the individual resident’s interests and needs.

Key Preceptors

Cara Hoyt, PharmD
Adjunct Assistant Professor for Clinical Pharmacy

Jarrett Bauder, PharmD
Manager, Uptown Pharmacy

Tara Green, PharmD
Adjunct Assistant Professor for Clinical Pharmacy
Clinical Coordinator for Kroger

Erin Blank, PharmD
Pharmacist, Kroger

Kristin Casper, PharmD
Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy

Jennifer Seifert, MS ,RPh
Residency Program Director, Community PGY1
Executive Director of the Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio

Benefits and Additional Requirements

Application Deadline:  January 2, 2019

Start Date: July 1, 2019

Annual Salary – $47,500

Vacation Days- 7 Days

All Ohio State Holidays

Staffing Requirement- 200 hours of teaching in the Ohio State College of Pharmacy curriculum

Completion of a Major Research Project


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